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Guiding you to healthier living

I believe that a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated & want to help you take charge of your own health & transform your life for the better!


I will help you have a happy body & mind & achieve optimal health.

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Eating right for your unique needs and sensitivities

Professional food intolerance specialist with over 15 years’ experience helping people just like you!

By identifying and eliminating food sensitivities and supporting you on your journey to nutritional health and rebalancing your body I can help with the following symptoms:

  • Food sensitivity

  • Digestive problems

  • Fatigue & tiredness

  • Skin issues

  • Respiratory issues

  • Inflammatory conditions

  • Immunity issues

And much more.

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About the 30 days to healthy living programmes

Want a healthy new you but are unsure where to begin?

Kickstart your journey to a healthier way of life with our 30 day programme to help you on your way. Tailored to you specifically with a food sensitivity test, gut health check and vitamin and mineral deficiency assessment.


Your plan includes:

  • A personalised guide to help you make
    the correct nutritional choices for you

  • Innovative products using plant
    based ingredients grounded in science & clinical research to help you rebalance your body & get you on the right track to optimal health

  • Tools for daily use to facilitate new healthier habits


A holistic approach to health and well being focusing on the whole person to help you flourish inside and out.

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Living healthier
starts today

I offer bioenergetic testing using the RM10. Specialising in food sensitivity testing & nutritional advice. This method of testing offers a safe non-invasive insight into your health & wellbeing.

Note: This is not suitable for IgE allergies and is not a skin prick or blood test.

Please note that I cannot test anyone fitted with a pacemaker or who is in their first trimester of pregnancy.


What our customers think about us

As a qualified Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Health Coach I offer food sensitivity advice. With over 15 years of experience my journey in life will help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. The services I offer include:

Food Sensitivity Testing and Nutritional Advice

30 day healthy living programme

Contact me to book a consultation or call to discuss your individual needs.